Planet Geography

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The ‘Planet Geography 6th edition DVD’ contains a library of high resolution images taken from the book Planet Geography (6th edition), plus the entire text of the book in pdf format.

The DVD is designed for use together with the book.  Image files on the DVD are named to match the figure numbers in the book, and the photo captions in the book should be referred to when viewing the images on the DVD.

All images are scanned in high resolution (usually 2048 x 1342 pixels) and presented in a way that guarantees maximum flexibility and usefulness.  The images can be used on Macintosh or Windows computers, and they can be printed as well as being viewed on screen or incorporated into presentations.

The images are in RGB jpeg format, and can be imported into any commonly used drawing application, graphics application (including Photoshop, iPhoto and Graphic Converter), presentation application (such as Powerpoint or Keynote) or web browser (such as Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera and Camino).  Some more advanced word processing applications, such as Microsoft Word and Pages, can also import the files.

Windows and Macintosh computers will both run slide shows directly through the operating system.  Macintosh users may also use iPhoto (which comes free with OS X), Spotlight (OS 10.4 or later), Keynote, or one of the many freeware and shareware applications available (such as Graphic Converter).

Other suitable shareware applications for Windows and Macintosh users may be downloaded from websites such as,, and

The entire content of the book is included in pdf format using the same layout as the printed book.  The files are divided into individual chapters for ease of loading on computers with low memory.  Because of its greater length, chapter 11 is divided into two parts as separate files.  The pdf files are fully searchable, and are designed for high definition viewing on screen (i.e. not for printing and not for copying or extracting text).

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If you believe you have received a faulty DVD, either: 

E-mail for technical support to 


Return the DVD together with a copy of the invoice/receipt to obtain a replacement to: 

    Pronin Enterprises Pty Ltd

    P.O. Box 396



    NSW   2077


The DVD is sold on the condition that, apart from one archival back-up, it is not copied or duplicated.  The DVD may be used only by the organisation or individual that purchased it and who retains the original invoice and/or receipt.  All enquiries should quote the invoice number.

6th edition DVD

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ISBN 978 0 9803436 4 9

5th edition DVD

ISBN 978 0 9803436 2 5

6th edition DVD

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ISBN 978 0 9803436 4 9