Planet Geography

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The book is richly illustrated in full colour with hundreds of relevant new photographs as well as new diagrams that illustrate the new concepts introduced into the course.  The layout of the book has been modernised and upgraded significantly from previous editions.

To support the IB requirement that IB Geography has clear links to Theory of Knowledge, every chapter of the book has a “ToK Box” that relates the theme of the chapter to a theme in Theory of Knowledge.  An example of a ToK Box (from Chapter 1) is shown to the right (click the image to enlarge it).

The book has 676 pages.



The 5th edition of Planet Geography was entirely re-written to support the new IB Diploma Geography program that was introduced September 2009, with first examinations in May 2011.

The CONTENTS of the book closely mirrors the structure of the new course.  Section A (Patterns and Change) covers the compulsory core.  Section B (Geographical Themes) covers the optional themes, and Section C (Global Interactions) covers the Higher Level extension.


• New cover design which relates to the cover of the 5th edition to emphasise compatibility of using both editions together in the same classroom.

• Cover board and paper stock are slightly heavier than the 5th edition to be more resilient in classroom use.

• About 120 new photographs (a few are additional, but most are replacements).

• All statistics that could be updated have been updated.

• A new four page section in chapter 8 (Hazards and Disasters) covers the 2010 volcanic eruption in Iceland.  All pages prior to that new section have identical numbering to the 5th edition.  All pages after the Icelandic volcano are "5th edition numbering plus 4".  Total number of pages increased to 680.

• Index has been fully updated to reflect new pagination from mid-chapter 8 onwards.

• All pages now have a chapter title tab in the lower outside corner of the page footer to make finding chapters by flipping pages easier.

• The three different sections of the book (core, options, Higher Level extension) are now further differentiated by using different colours for their right hand side page headers.

6th edition

ISBN 978 0 9803436 5 6

5th edition

ISBN 978 0 9803436 3 2